Let’s enjoy skiing at wider & less crowded ski resort, called YONGPYONG RESORT.

Since 1975, YONGPYONG RESORT have been leading the ski resort business in SOUTH KOREA.
Because of it’s location at 700m from the sea level, you can enjoy the skiing for longer days and less worry about the unpredictable weather.

If you are advanced, or above-intermediate skier, you can slide down from the top of the resort at 1,495m from the sea level. But, though you are the beginner, this resort works better. Because you are the beginner, you need to practice, enjoy the skiing in the middle of ‘less-crowded’ people and on the wider slope.

Comparing to the ski resorts nearby SEOUL, YONGPYONG RESORT has 28 slopes, which is almost double times more than other resorts. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate slop(s) fit your skill and stamina.

Because YONGPYONG RESORT is located at 200KM from SEOUL, though you can enjoy the day ski trip from SEOUL, we recommend you stay at the resort for a day, or more. This is the reason why our company made this tour for 3 days & 2 nights.

Among the several accommodations in the resort, we prefer GREENPIA CONDO for 4-6 people (per room) and TOWER CONDO for 2-3 people (per room). Therefore, you will get the room(s) either at GREENPIA CONDO and TOWER CONDO.

Please understand that we don’t offer the room only because the number of rooms is very limited. Most of the rooms in the resort are owned by several time-sharing owners. Therefore, the available rooms – especially, around Christmas season – are very rare. So, you need to book the transportation only, or transportation + room(s).

But, ski related items (e.g., ski lift pass, ski gears, or ski clothes rental) are optional. Therefore, you can decide the quantity of the ski items when you arrive at the resort.

Also, we don’t offer the cheap hotels/guesthouses outside the resort. The skiing is bit complicated and tiring. Therefore, we think you can come back to the room easily whenever you need.

Please understand that the room availability during 22-31 DEC 2017 is very low and the room rates are much higher than below. Therefore, please contact us separately if you want to stay at the resort during this period.

US$ Items Number of people
1-6 by
8-seater van
7-14 by
15-seater bus
15-44 by
45-seater bus
Per car Transfer between SEOUL and YONGPYONG – Oneway $360 $440 $680
Transfer between INCHEON AIRPORT and YONGPYONG – Oneway $400 $500  $760
Per room/night 2 Bedroom Suite at GREENPIA CONDO – FRI, SAT night $330
2 Bedroom Suite at GREENPIA CONDO – Weekday night $240
Studio at TOWER CONDO – FRI, SAT night $210
Studio at TOWER CONDO – Weekday night $160
Per person/day Ski gears (pole, plate and boots) $18
Ski clothes (pants, jacket)  $9
Ski lift pass – Day pass (8:30-16:30)  $48
Ski lift pass – Half day pass (8:30-12:30, or 12:30-16:30) $38
▪ Above ski lift pass prices are 30% discount prices from 2016-2017 season.
▪ If 4 people choose roundtrip transfer between SEOUL and YONGPYONG + GREENPIA CONDO for 2 nights on Tuesday, Wednesday + ski lift passes (Half day passes on Day 1, Day passes on Day 2) + ski gears rental for 2 days + ski clothes rental for 2 days, the price will be $720 for transfers + $480 for GREENPIA CONDO for 2 nights + [($18 for ski gears rental + $9 for ski clothes rental +  $38 for Half day pass) X 4 ppl] + [($18 for ski gears rental + $9 for ski clothes rental +  $48 for Day pass) X 4 ppl] = $1,760.

▪ This itinerary assumes you leave SEOUL in the morning and come back to SEOUL on 3rd day.



08:00 Meet your driver at hotel in SEOUL
08:00-10:40 Transfer to YONGPYONG RESORT (one time break at the service station on the highway)
10:00-11:00 Rent ski gears and ski clothes
11:15 Arrive at YONGPYONG RESORT and play on the snow, or have lunch/snack
12:30-16:30 Enjoy skiing (optional)
– You can check in the room around 14:30.
– You don’t need to return ski gears, or clothes every day.

Your own day

– We will deliver the ski lift pass to your room before 08:30. (optional)


11:00 Meet your driver and check out from GREENPIA, or TOWER CONDO
11:00-13:40 Transfer to SEOUL

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option and advise us the details of your hotel, preferred dates and the scope of your skiing, and the number of passengers.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the availability.
▪ For your information, we uploaded the videos of the rooms at YONGPYONG RESORT.

Studio Room at TOWER CONDO

2 Bedroom Suite at GREENPIA CONDO

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