We don’t need to explain NAMI ISLAND and PETITE FRANCE, or GARDEN OF MORNING CALM because these places are very popular and many Asian tourists chose these places during the first visit to KOREA.

Basically, this tour consist of two places; 1) NAMI ISLAND and PETITE FRANCE, or 2) NAMI ISLAND and GARDEN OF MORNING CALM. But, you can request to visit all three places at extra price of US$40.

You will have the lunch upon arrival at NAMI ISLAND. Therefore, you will visit PETITE FRANCE, or GARDEN OF MORNING CALM before heading to NAMI ISLAND. If you visit all three places, the sequence should be PETITE FRANCE – NAMI ISLAND – GARDEN OF MORNING CALM.

If you take this tour in winter, we recommend you visit GARDEN OF MORNING CALM for night light show. Then, your departure time at SEOUL will be postponed because you need to arrive at GARDEN OF MORNING CALM around 6.00pm.

US$ Items Number of people
1-7 by
8-seater van
8-14 by
15-seater bus
15-44 by
45-seater bus
Per group Cars by Korean speaking driver $300($40) $360($60) $580($80)
Guide $240($40)
Per person Admission fee – adult $14($7)
Admission fee – child under 13Y  $8($4)
Admission fee – child under 37M  0
Basic Meals (option)  $10
Weekend Meals (option)  $20
Special Meals (option)  $40
▪ If 2 people choose guide + admission fee + Special Meal in addition to 8-seater van, the price will be $240 for guide + $300 for vehicle + [($14 for admission + $40 for meal) X 2 people] = $648
▪ If 12 people choose admission fee in addition to 15-seater bus, but, they want to visit three places. Then, the price will be $420 for vehicle + ($22 for admission X 12 people) = $684
▪ You can hire the driver with the car only. Then, you cannot include the entrance fee, or meal. But, our driver will assist you to have the lunch at locally famous restaurant.

09:00 Meet your guide, or driver at hotel

This will be adjusted considering your own schedule.

09:00-10:20 Transfer to PETITE FRANCE

For the first half, we will drive along the highway, after then, drive along the river side road to PETITE FRANCE

10:30-12:00 PETITE FRANCE

Sightseeing at PETITE FRANCE

12:00-12:30 Transfer to NAMI ISLAND

Move to NAMI ISLAND along country side road.

12:30-15:30 Lunch + NAMI ISLAND

Because NAMI ISLAND is bigger tourist place than others, you will have the lunch here. You can choose the restaurant before getting on the ferry. Or, you can have the lunch in the middle of your sightseeing inside NAMI ISLAND.

15:30-16:00 Transfer to GARDEN OF MORNING CALM (optional)

If you choose to add GARDEN OF MORNING CALM, we need to drive further for 30 minutes

16:00-17:00 GARDEN OF MORNING CALM (optional)

Enjoy the nature at GARDEN OF MORNING CALM

17:00-18:30 Transfer back to SEOUL

Transfer back to your hotel

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option and advise us if you want to include the meal, entrance fee.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the guide availability.
▪ This tour can be started at INCHEON AIRPORT at extra price.

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