JEJU ISLAND has the most preserved nature in SOUTH KOREA. This island is surrounded by beautiful sea with lava. Also, there is the big dead volcano – called HALLASAN MOUNTAIN – in the middle of the island.

Besides its natural resources, JEJU ISLAND keeps the unique culture and tradition such as HANYEO (海女; woman diver). Also, JEJU ISLAND is famous for tangerine (or, called mandarin) and you can see many tangerine orchard around South coast of JEJU.

If you take HIGHLIGHTS OF JEJU – WEST & SOUTH JEJU, you will turn turn JEJU counterclockwise. I.e., Drive to south along the west coast line and go back to JEJU CITY from 6 o’clock direction.

Upon hotel pickup, you will drive the sea side road called HAGWI-AEWOL. This time works a kind of orientation about JEJU. Your guide will explain about JEJU while your car passing by the authentic JEJU scenery.

The first place is HYEOBJAE BEACH, which is famous for jade color sea water. Also, there is small island in front of you. This is good photo spot on the background of the sea.

The second place is just nearby, called HALLIM PARK. This is man-made botanical garden next to lava caves. But, they brought some other cultural things such as old JEJU houses and even animals. So, the goal of this park is to show you ‘Uniqueness of JEJU’ in 1 hour.

We believe you are hungry at the moment. But, we would like to give bit different experience. How? You will have the lunch with pizza size burger with local pork and several kind of herbs. Of course, if you choose Weekend Meal, or Special Meal, we will take you another restaurant. (e.g., Black Pork; grilled & non-marinated JEJU pork)

After lunch, you will visit YONGMEORI COAST and SANBANGSAN MOUNTAIN. These places are our company pick today!
YONGMEORI COAST is the mixture of cliff & rock, which was formed by lave. (i.e., pyroclastic deposit)

SANBANGSAN MOUNTAIN looks like cone. It also made of lava. if you take photo YONGMEORI COAST on the back ground of SANBANGSAN MOUNTAIN, you will realize why our company included these places.

The next place – DAEPO JUSANGJEOLLI (columnar jointing) cliff is a spectacular volcanic rock formation. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides.

The last place is CHEONJIYEON WATERFALL. This waterfall is one of the three famous waterfalls of JEJU, the other two being CHEONJEYEON WATERFALL and JEONGBANG WATERFALL. In order to reach the waterfall, visitors must walk on a landscaped trail. CHEONJIYEON WATERFALL is also known for its diverse plant and animal life, as the path to the waterfall goes through a garden of subtropical plants. Especially, if you visit here between last week of March and the first week of April, you will enjoy the cherry blossom.

Let’s move back to JEJU CITY and we will drop you off at the hotel.

If you accompany children, they would be happy to have opportunity of funny activities such as horse riding, go-kart, jet boat, submarine.

If you stay at SEOGWIPO CITY, or other place, the itinerary will be customized in light of the logistics.

US$ Items Number of people
1-7 by
8-seater van
8-14 by
15-seater bus
15-44 by
45-seater bus
Per group Cars by Korean speaking driver $280 $340 $560
Guide $280
Per person Admission fee – adult $17
Admission fee – child under 13Y  $8
Admission fee – child under 37M  0
Basic Meals (option)  $10
Weekend Meals (option)  $20
Special Meals (option)  $40
▪ If 2 people choose guide + admission fee + Special Meal in addition to vehicle, the price will be [$280 for guide + $280 for vehicle + ($17 for admission + $40 for meal) X 2 people] = $674
▪ If 12 people choose Guide, Admission fee, Basic Meal in addition to vehicle, the price will be $280 for guide + $340 for vehicle + [($17 for admission fee + $10 for meal) X 12 people] = $944

09:00 Meet your guide, or driver at hotel

This can be customized considering your own schedule. We assume your hotel is at JEJU CITY.

09:30-10:00 Drive along coast line

While you driving along HAGWI-AEWOL road, you will see small fishing harbors and several fishing farm…for sashimi for KOREAN people

10:00-10:30 HYEOBJAE BEACH

No need to walk. Just get off the car and enjoy the scenery and take photos.

10:30-11:30 HALLIM PARK

Some people might love to see plant, some people might like to see the stone,…HALLIM PARK is the a kind of small JEJU ISLAND.

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Considering your preference, we will arrange the locally famous restaurant.



For 30 minutes, we will walk around the coast slowly. You will see some JEJU guys enjoy fishing and some old ladies selling live seafood with SOJU; This is just open-air bar. After then, move to nearby SANBANGSAN MOUNTAIN by the car.


This is located at JUNGMUN, on the way to SEOGWIPO CITY. Therefore, you can visit another places such as TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM, PLAY KPOP,…at JUNGMUN



Either CHEONJIYEON WATERFALL and JEONGBANG WATERFALL will be chosen. CHEONJIYEON WATERFALL looks like garden, whereas JEONGBANG WATERFALL looks like cliff because the water falls down to the sea)


17:00-18:00pm Transfer back to your hotel

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the rooms and seats availability.
▪ If you have your own itinerary, you can request to customize this tour by reflecting your itinerary. I.e., You can add some other place(s) and you can exclude some place(s).
▪ If you join this tour during the last week of March – first week of April, you can enjoy cherry blossom.

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