BUSAN is gaining reputation for rich tourist resources. Urban scenery, vibrant people, very authentic culture, traditional fish market, the beach have enabled the city to reposition itself as a leisure destination.

BUSAN has variety of atmospheres such as modern city (DONGBAEKSEOM, HAEUNDAE BEACH, CENTUM CITY shopping mall), very folky places (JAGALCHI FISH MARKET, GUKJE MARKET) and recent historical places (UN MEMORIAL CEMETERY, PROVISIONAL CAPITAL MEMORIAL HALL).

If you take HIGHLIGHTS OF BUSAN TOUR, you will have the chance of visiting OLD BUSAN and NEW BUSAN.
At OLD BUSAN (Please note that there is no official naming like this. Also, this separation doesn’t mean OLD BUSAN is inferior to NEW BUSAN.), you will visit BUSAN TOWER at YONGDUSAN PARK, GAMCHON-DONG VILLAGE, GUKJE MARKET and JAGALCHI FISH MARKET. After then, let’s move to NEW BUSAN crossing GWANGAN BRIDGE (or, called DIAMOND BRIDGE) over the sea. You will visit YONGGUNGSA TEMPLE, which is famous for the location at sea front. In the past, BEOMEOSA TEMPLE was more popular for the cruiser. But, now days, more people are visiting YONGGUNGSA TEMPLE maybe because BEOMEOSA TEMPLE is one of common architecture Buddhist building in KOREA. (We don’t recommend you combine BEOMEOSA TEMPLE and YONGGUNGSA TEMPLE because of the long driving distance.)

Coming back to city side, get off the car at DONGBAEKSEOM (There is the building name of NURIMARU APEC HOUSE). You might think BUSAN looks similar with HONG KONG seeing the combination tall building & the ocean.

Other than above places, some people would request to visit UN MEMORIAL CEMETERY, OREUKDO SKYWALK, BUSAN AIR CURISE (cable car over the sea), HWANGRYONGSAN MOUNTAIN.

US$ Items Number of people
1-6 7-13 14-44
Per group Cars by Korean speaking driver $240 $280 $480
Guide $240
Per person Admission fee – adult $5
Admission fee – child under 13Y  $3
Basic Meals (option)  $10
Weekend Meals (option)  $20
Special Meals (option)  $40
▪ If 2 people choose guide + admission fee + Special Meal in addition to vehicle, the price will be [$240 for guide + $240 for vehicle + ($5 for admission + $40 for meal) X 2 people] = $570
▪ If 12 people choose guide, admission fee, Basic Meal in addition to vehicle, the price will be [$240 for guide + $280 for vehicle + ($10 for meal + $5 for admission) X 12 people] = $700

09:00 Meet your guide, or driver at hotel

This time can be adjusted by your request.


The least developed residence complex looks like Favela in Brazil, but it is very safe place



During KOREAN WAR, the government was moved to BUSAN for 1,000 days.


12:00-12:30 BUSAN TOWER

Panoramic view of Busan port and old town. This spot is not famous on the guide book, but, our company would like to select this place for the first time BUSAN visitor.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

We will arrange the restaurant considering your preference/budget.



Walk around small alleys at GUKJE MARKET and JAGALCHI FISH MARKET. GUKJE MARKET has witnessed two major historical events: the liberation of KOREA and the subsequent KOREAN WAR. Right after the liberation, Japanese goods entered in bulk and Korean refugees who had fled to BUSAN started businesses at this market, which was once the nation’s largest center for business and logistics. Today, it is a great place to buy traditional Korean ware, traditional bedding, and hand-made crafts.


15:00-15:30 GWANGAN BRIDGE

Transfer to NEW BUSAN (called HAEUNDAE) along beautiful GWANGAN BRIDGE.



The highlight of NEW BUSAN. You can enjoy the combined scenery of tall residence complex and ocean

16:30-17:30 Transfer back to hotel

We will pass by CENTUM CITY and BUSAN CINEMA CENTER and transfer back to your hotel.

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the availability.
▪ If you have your own itinerary, you can request to customize this tour by reflecting your itinerary.
▪ If you join this tour during first week of April, you can enjoy cherry blossom.

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