The north-east side of SOUTH KOREA are covered with many mountains and it keeps more natural scenery than the west side.

Therefore, the ski resorts are gathered here because it’s altitude is higher and it’s temperature is lower. This is the reason why PYEONGCHANG WINTER OLYMPICS will be held here.

Please don’t try to judge the value of our itinerary (or, the places) with English information on internet.
Remind that KOREA is not the English speaking country. Because only few foreigners wrote the review, or experience on the internet, furthermore, because many of them relied on the public transpiration, we would advise you…not to pay attention to this kind of English articles on internet.

The first two days’ journey focus on SEORAKSAN MOUNTAIN. In addition to popular venues such as CABLE CAR to GWEONGEUMSEONG PEAK, SINEUNGSA TEMPLE, we will show you opposite side of SEORAKSAN MOUNTAIN, deep blue EAST SEA and SOKCHO CITY.

On the third day, you will move along EAST SEA downward…to SAMCHEOK CITY. SAMCHEOK is major cement production site because the nearby mountains have many lime stone. Also, there were several coal mines too in the past. Unfortunately, many coal mines are closed today due to the increased mining cost. Anyway, key feature of SAMCHEOK is also the mountain, but more pointed mountains.

You will visit DAEGEUMGUL CAVE after departure from SEORAKSAN MOUNTAIN. This is the lime stone cave at the hill side. Because DAEGEUMGUL CAVE was designated as natural monument, only few hundreds people can go inside the cave daily.

Today your lodging is HIGH ONE RESORT. To get to HIGH ONE RESORT, we need to go over the big hills. Even for the KOREAN people, the traveling around ‘inner’ SAMCHEOK is not easy experience due to the accessibility.

After check out from HIGH RESORT, you will travel around JEONGSEON. JEONGSEON-GUN (It’s administrative hierarchy is the gun. The gun is the similar with county.) size is 1,220.67 km2(471.30 sq mi) whereas the population is only 46,000. Today, you will enjoy JEONGSEON RAIL BIKE around very country-side scenery. We would like to say this is the highlight of the tour in addition to DAEGEUMGUL CAVE.

After rail bike, you will transfer to PYEONCHANG-GUN passing by JEONGSEON ALPINE CENTRE where the downhill ski will be held during PYEONGCHANG WINTER OLYMPICS.

Before check-in at hotel, you will visit the sheep are grazing in the fields at SAMYANG RANCH (This is much bigger than DAEGWALLYEONG SHEEP FARM.) and big wind power generator at the hills.

On the 5th day, let’s move to nearby ski resort called YONGPYONG RESORT. YONGPYONG RESORT is the first ski resort in KOREA and it still keeps the dominating position in the ski resort industry. You will take the ski gondola to the top of the mountain at 1,400m from the sea level.

Repeating the places, you will visit following places.









US$ Items Number of people
1-6 by
8-seater van
7-14 by
15-seater bus
15-44 by
45-seater bus
Per group Cars by Korean speaking driver $1,416 $1,739 $2,848
Guide $1,578
Per room
Incl. breakfast for 2ppl
4 star hotel $756
3 star hotel $473
Per person Basic Meals $90
Weekend Meals  $180
Special Meals  Not available
Admission fee – adult $68
Admission fee – child under 13Y  $47
Admission fee – child under 25M  $0
▪ If you take this tour during 2nd week – 4th week of October, there is 10% surcharge for hotel room.
▪ If 2 people choose guide + admission fee + Weekend Meal + 8-seater van in addition to 1 hotel room at 4 star hotel, the price will be $1,578 for guide + $1,416 for vehicle + ($756 for 1 room incl. breakfast for 2 people) + [($68 for admission + $180 for meal) X 2 people] = $4,246
▪ If 12 people choose guide, admission fee, Basic Meal + 15-seater bus in addition to 6 hotel room at 3 star hotel, the price will be [$1,578 for guide + $1,739 for vehicle + ($473 for each room incl. breakfast for 2 people X 6 rooms) + [($90 for meal + $68 for admission) X 12 people] = $8,051
▪ You can include the hotel and the car with a driver only.



0900 Meet your guide at each hotel in SEOUL
0900-1200 Transfer to SEORAKSAN MOUNTAIN
1200-1300 Lunch with Dakbaeksook (Korean chicken soup boiled with several herbs)
1330-1700 Sightseeing inside National Park; Take roundtrip cable car to GWEONGEUMSEONG PEAK and walk around SINHEUNGSA TEMPLE
1730 Check in at hotel and rest
1830-1930 Dinner with grilled fishes and rice
2000 Move back to hotel
▪ Meals: None – Lunch – Dinner
▪ Hotel: (4*) Del pino Golf & Resort, or similar



0900 Meet your guide at hotel
1000-1130 Enjoy light hiking along JUNJEONGOL VALLEY, which is famous for autumn color
1230-1500 Lunch at SOKCH CITY and walk around JOONGANG MARKET and take small boat moving by rope
1600-1800 Experience Korean style spa at hot spring (You can stay outside)
1830-1930 Dinner
2000 Move back to hotel
▪ Meals: Breakfast at hotel – Lunch – Dinner
▪ Hotel: (4*) Del pino Golf & Resort, or similar

Transfer to JEONGSEON

0900 Meet your guide at hotel
0900-1100 Move along deep blue East Sea and stop at JEONGDONGJIN STATION, which is famous for the small train station located next to the sea
1100-1230 Move to HWANSEONGUL CAVE
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1530 Explorer inside HWANSEONGUL CAVE or, DAEGEUMGUL CAVE
1530-1730 Leisurely move to HIGH ONE RESORT along curvy & hilly road, which is most mountainous area in Korea
1730 Check in at hotel and rest
1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
▪ Meals: Breakfast at hotel – Lunch – Dinner
▪ Hotel: (4*) Convention Hotel inside HIGH ONE RESORT


0830 Meet your guide at hotel
0900-0930 JEONGSEON COAL MINE MUSEUM (This area was vibrant coal mining area until the beginning of 1980.)
1130-1230 Enjoy JEONGSEON RAIL BIKE; enjoy very natural scenery far outside cities. This is most scenic rail bike in KOREA
1300-1400 Lunch
1700 Check in at ALPENSIA RESORT and rest
1830-1930 Dinner 2000 Move back to hotel
▪ Meals: Breakfast at hotel – Lunch – Dinner
▪ Hotel: Name: (4*) Holiday Inn Resort Hotel inside ALPENSIA RESORT


0900 Meet your guide at hotel
0930-1100 Move to YONGPYONG RESORT and enjoy gondola to the peak. This is the tallest & biggest ski resort in KOREA.
1200-1300 Visit WOLJEONGSA TEMPLE and walk along famous fir tree trail
1330-1430 Lunch
1430-1700 Move to Seoul and drop off the guests at each hotel
▪ Meals: Breakfast at hotel – Lunch – None
▪ Hotel: None

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option and advise us the details of your group (e.g., how many people, age of the child) and the preferred hotel, meal grade.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the availability.
▪ Because this is private tour, whenever you find the good scenery, you can stop the car and take photos.