If your ship docks at BUSAN, you can visit GYEONGJU – the old capital of SILLA DYNASTY – in a day. (92 KM, or 57 miles between BUSAN and GYEONGJU)

SILLA was one of the world’s longest sustained dynasties, which was founded in BC57 and disappeared in AD935.

The symbols of SILLA dynasty are Buddhism, gold crowns (see the photos in PHOTOS tab) and big tombs look like mountain.

The importance of Buddhism in SILLA society was embodied with many number of temples were built, often financed and sponsored by high-ranking nobility, the most notable being HWANGRYONGSA TEMPLE (but, destroyed by Mongolia), BULGUKSA TEMPLE and SEOKGURAM GROTTO. SILLA’s strong Buddhist nature is also reflected by the thousands of remnant Buddhist stone figures and carvings. Among these heritages, you will visit BULGUKSA TEMPLE.

After then, let’s go to NATIONAL MUSEUM of GYEONGJU to see SILLA crowns and thousands of items discovered from the tombs. Also, you will see the Bronze Bell of King Seongdeok the Great attracting a large number of tourists.

At and around GYEONGJU, there are three units of UNESCO World Heritage. Unless you customize the itinerary, you will cover 2 out of 3 places.

– YANGDONG VILLAGE (if time permits, you can include this place at some extra price)

US$ Items Number of people
1-7 for
8-seater van
7-14 for
15-seater bus
14-44 for
45-seater bus
Per group Cars by Korean speaking driver $340 $400 $640
Guide $280
Per person Admission fee – adult $6
Admission fee – child under 13Y  $3
Basic Meals (option)  $10
Weekend Meals (option)  $20
Special Meals (option)  $40
▪ If 2 people choose guide + admission fee + Special Meal in addition to 8-seater van, the price will be [$280 for guide + $320 for vehicle + ($6 for admission + $40 for meal) X 2 people] = $692
▪ If 12 people choose guide, admission fee, Basic Meal in addition to 15-seater bus, the price will be [$280 for guide + $400 for vehicle + ($10 for meal + $6 for admission) X 12 people] = $872

08:30am Meet your guide, or driver at BUSAN cruise port

This will be adjusted considering your ship’s schedule.

08:30-10:00 Transfer to GYEONGJU

Getting out of the city and take the highway to GYEONGJU


Out of few hundreds tombs scattered around GYEONGJU, you will visit the major complex of few royal tombs at the core part of GYEONGJU. Also, you will have the chance of going inside a tomb.


You will visit three exhibition halls; 1) the items excavated from two major tombs, 2) Ancient Buddhism collection hall and 3) the collection from DONGGUNG and WOLJI POND.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Lunch with authentic Korean meal. But, this can be customized for your preference. If budget is OK, we recommend you have a Special Meal with HANJEONGSIK at 350 years old house.


This was the second biggest temple during SILLA dynasty. But, it became the biggest temple after getting the damage by Mongolian. This temple has two famous National Treasures; DABOTAP PADODA, SEOKGATAP PADODA.

15:30-17:00 Transfer back to BUSAN

You will move back to BUSAN along the same route.

▪ To book this tour, please click ‘Cash on delivery’ option.
▪ Then, we will advise you the exact amount and the payment method after checking the rooms and seats availability.
▪ If you have your own itinerary, you can request to customize this tour by reflecting your itinerary. I.e., You can add some other place(s) and you can exclude some place(s).
▪ If you join this tour during the last week of March – first week of April, you can enjoy cherry blossom.

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